Murrieta Tax Attorney

If you are contacted by a federal, state, or local tax agency, you need to promptly act to protect yourself and your assets.  The time limits for responding to notices tend to be short, and if you let things go the agency will just proceed toward assessment.  In the worst case this can leave you at the mercy of tax collectors who are empowered to employ harsh tactics to collect tax debts, including bank account levies, tax lien foreclosures, and seizure of assets.

As an attorney with more than 25 years of experience handling business and personal tax debt issues, I know how to work with tax auditors, appeals officers, and collectors to resolve problems and allow your business to keep operating. I can also help you explore legal options for resolving tax problems and keeping the assets you have worked so hard to acquire, including litigation in state and federal courts.  To schedule a consultation please contact me online or by telephone at (951) 387-5888.

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