Murrieta Bankruptcy Litigation and Appeals Attorney

Litigation in Bankruptcy Court requires knowledge of specialized laws, rules and procedures that differ in many ways from those that apply to cases in non-bankruptcy courts. Whether you are a debtor, creditor, or a third party who is somehow being subjected to litigation in Bankruptcy Court, to succeed you need the assistance of an attorney with experience litigating in that forum.

Appeals from Bankruptcy Court decisions also require knowledge of specialized rules and procedures, which for the party appealing the decision includes deciding which of the available multiple avenues of appeal will provide the best opportunity for success.

I have more than 25 years of experience representing clients who are parties to litigation in Bankruptcy Court, and in prosecuting and defending appeals of Bankruptcy Court judgments and orders. If you or your business needs assistance with a Bankruptcy Litigation or Appeal matter, I can help you explore your legal options. To schedule a consultation please contact me online or by telephone at (951) 387-5888.

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