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Murrieta Bankruptcy and Insolvency Attorney

Many individuals and businesses that find themselves in financial distress mistakenly assume that bankruptcy is the only means available to handle their problems. The bankruptcy laws are powerful tools, particularly the Chapter 11 provisions by which you can develop a plan to reorganize your affairs by means that may include paying off creditors over time. There also are many alternatives to bankruptcy. For California business owners, the following options can prove useful in resolving financial problems.

Murrieta Tax Attorney

If you are contacted by a federal, state, or local tax agency, you need to promptly act to protect yourself and your assets. The time limits for responding to notices tend to be short, and if you let things go the agency will just proceed toward assessment. In the worst case this can leave you at the mercy of tax collectors who are empowered to employ harsh tactics to collect tax debts, including bank account levies, tax lien foreclosures, and seizure of assets.

Murrieta Bankruptcy Litigation and Appeals Attorney

Bankruptcy litigation can be complex, involving debtors, creditors, committees, trustees and other parties that have competing interests in the future outcome. As an experienced bankruptcy litigation attorney in Murrieta, I know how to quickly identify critical issues to your case and aggressively pursue your interests in either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

Murrieta Business Dispute Resolution and Litigation Attorney

Business owners dread legal disputes and litigation, but they are unfortunately a fact of life for just about every company. When you find yourself in such a situation, it’s imperative to have it resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. The end goal is always to avoid a lawsuit and the complications, procedures and deadlines that come with such a proceeding. Regardless of the kind of dispute you are facing, having a strong attorney in your corner to defend your rights is vital to your success and ongoing operations. The right Murrieta business law attorney can protect your interests, economic and IP-related, minimize any disruptions to your business operations and help to resolve the situation in a way that limits the stress that can affect your personal life.

Murrieta Business Agreements and Transactions Attorney

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for a long time, a business and tax attorney can help you to properly plan, record, track and document your business transactions. This can help you avoid not only unpleasant surprises, but legal disputes, large tax bills and serious financial loss.

As a Murrieta business law attorney, I bring a strong background in accounting tax law, business agreements, transactions and overall business counsel to the table. With broad-ranging experience in a variety of business issues, I can assist you with just about any kind of business transaction you plan.

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